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Developing confident, motivated and independent learners

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What we do…

Our aim is to develop motivated, confident and independent learners in chemistry. We do this through effective questioning and supporting the learner in identifying  and addressing misconceptions and gaps in knowledge. We can tutor for any Chemistry course but have particular expertise in: IBDP Chemistry and IGCSE Chemistry.

Why online learning?

Online learning gives students the freedom and flexibility to learn in their chosen surroundings according to their schedule. And because the tutor doesn’t have to travel, it is often a cheaper alternative to home or school tuition. I use a combination of  Zoom video conferencing software, Microsoft One Note, iPad and Apple Pencil and other applications to create an immersive, interactive learning experience. 


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We are an educational consultancy and provider of online learning.

We aim to support students in becoming confident, motivated and independent learners.