IBDP Chemistry Catch-Up (Grade 11 students)

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Who: Grade 11 students who might be struggling in IBDP Chemistry and need some intensive support so that they can keep up with the pace of the course. 

When: During school holidays (usually March/April and June/July/August breaks so that you have covered enough content to make the sessions worthwhile)

How long: 4.5+ hours depending on student needs and requests. We can extend these hours upon request and subject to availability.

What: This course will be designed using principles of cognitive science so that the retention of knowledge in the long term memory is maximised. Not many students understand that good study techniques involve retrieval practice. The best way to do this is to do as many questions as possible to identify gaps in understanding, re-learn the areas where you got questions wrong and try again. In this short course, the tutor will model effective study techniques with the student as well as supporting the student in addressing gaps in understanding. The sessions will be interactive and will involve dialogue, with students being encouraged to ask questions in order to deepen their understanding. 

Day 0 Pre-discussion to assess student needs (this is useful so that the tutor can prepare optimal materials for Day 1 but can also be done via chat/email)
Day 1 Re-learning topics/concepts students already knows that they struggle withPaper 1 and 2 questions to identify other gaps in understanding (90+ mins depending on needs)
Day 2 Paper 1 and 2 questions to identify other gaps in understandingRe-learning topics/concepts where we have identified gaps in understanding (90+ mins depending on needs)
Day 3 Continue to address gaps in understandingAnswering any other questions student hasRevisit incorrectly answered questions from day 1 (90+ mins depending on needs)
Day 4 (Optional)Further support depending on students needs (90+ mins depending on needs)


  • 1 on 1 costs US$ 100 per hour (so choosing a 4.5 hour course would cost US$ 450)
  • Two students at the same time costs US$ 130 per hour (so choosing a 4.5 hour course would cost US$ 585 in total and US$ 292.5 each)
  • I find teaching three students at the same time less effective as you the benefit of collaborating is outweighed by the negative of splitting my attention, but I am happy to talk about this option if it is what you want.