Online IGCSE Chemistry Course

Louie Barnett

The instructor for this course is Louie Barnett. He has over 8 years experience of teaching GCSE and IGCSE Chemistry and believes in developing confident, motivated and independent learners.

Designed for homeschoolers who are looking for an Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry qualification

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry

In this course, students will develop:

  1. Their knowledge and understanding in Chemistry
  2. Their ability to handle information and solve problems
  3. Their experimental and investigation skills

Online Learning Environment

Signing up for this course gives provides students with:

  1. 130 hours of online group lessons over 6 terms across 20 months of study
  2. Access to an online textbook
  3. Feedback on progress (termly parent-teacher video conferences)
  4. Access to a Google Drive and Google Classroom with course materials, resources and assignments to support learning
  5. A maximum of 10 students per class to ensure enough individual attention and support
  6. Teacher with extensive IGCSE experience


  • The cost of the course is US$ 2000 USD split into 6 termly payments of US$ 333.33
  • If your circumstances change, students can withdraw from the course before the commencement of the next term (meaning you are not locked into to the entire course)

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