Primary vs Secondary Greatness

I am a subscriber to the belief that there are certain universal principles that help lead to primary greatness. Stephen Covey describes primary greatness as the kind that comes from leading a life of contribution (Covey, 2015)  as opposed to chasing money and luxury (this is called secondary greatness). Primary greatness is about leading a life of duty, honour, integrity, perseverance, self-sacrifice and service, ragardless of material rewards or circumstances (Covey, 2015). It is interesting to note that secondary greatness often comes after one has achieved primary greatness.

Life Philosophy

My life philosophy is therefore: To achieve primary greatness.

This is deliberately broad. There are many ways that I can achieve primary greatness. However, if I know that I am constantly striving for this, then I know that I am on the right track. How I work towards primary greatness might change

Achieving primary greatness

So, if achieving primary greatness is my personal life philosophy, how might I get there? To do this (according to Covey, 2015), I must be mindful of the following principles that govern achieving primary greatness:

How to live a life by these principles is a complicated question and I will slowly develop my answers to it. Each principle needs a goal that I work towards. I must create habits that help me to work towards these principles and thus, ultimately, primary greatness.