Tutoring Approach

What we do…

  1. Identify misconceptions that might hold back your learning in chemistry
  2. Develop your ability to think like a chemist
  3. Identify and address gaps in your knowledge and understanding in chemistry

How we do it…

  1. Using Microsoft One Note, Zoom conference software, iPad and Apple pencil to create an immersive online learning environment
  2. Utilising the principles of cognitive science (how people learn) to help students effectively and efficiently acquire knowledge and understandings
  3. Lots of questioning in order to identify misconceptions and gaps in knowledge and understanding

How to book…

Click the button below to be taken to the booking page. The first stage is to fill in your contact details so I can get back to you and organise a free consultation so that I can better understand your needs. This is a no obligation video call and is also a chance for you to see if you feel like you’d be able to learn with me as your tutor.

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