Welcome to the website and thanks for visiting. My name’s Louie and I run this website.

You can find a few things that might be of use to you here:

  1. Resources for teaching and learning chemistry
  2. My blog on teaching, learning and education
  3. Information about my online tutoring services for chemistry

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Good morning, my name is Soraya Alkaff, we have registered the 2 day classes -for Sky School on 6th to 7th June. Unfortunately we are unable to attend. We are running Rohingya Refugee school in Johor Bahru. We have students for secondary level and it will be a great help for me to know more about this program. Below is my contact.


    1. Hi Soraya,

      Thanks for this. I am replying here because I can’t see your contact details. We were not expecting you at the Sky School hackathon. May I ask who you spoke with about this event?

      In any case, thank you for your interest and it is great to connect. I look forward to getting your contact details so I can let you know more about Sky School 🙂


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