What sort of educator am I?

What sort of educator am I? During the course of this academic year, when the pressure was on to mark assessments and finish IAs, I found myself questioning my role as an educator. I had become so programme-centred. Was I inspiring my students, or were we just ticking boxes? A holiday came along which allowed... Continue Reading →

The teachers are your school

In a short, yet thought-provoking article, George Couros reminds us that it is people that bring missions and visions to life. At UWCSEA, most teachers ascribe to being lifelong learners. We have a great mission, but it’s nothing without the people who can turn it into a reality. Therefore, as a school, we must constantly... Continue Reading →

Educating more than a worker bee

PSE and Digital Literacy Skills Digital literacy skills are crucial in the information age. We are no longer just worker bees or units of manpower to be educated according to the needs of our industrial masters. We all have the ability to control our learning and it is our duty to empower students so that... Continue Reading →

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