So what is a concept anyway?

So what is a concept anyway? UWCSEA is working hard to utilize concept based teaching and learning (CBTL) at the school. It is an exciting journey and one that has already borne fruit for me personally. Through concept mapping units before I teach them, I have gained a greater insight into the connections between concepts... Continue Reading →

Selling my classroom

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” A recent experience got me thinking about how I might introduce my vision for learning in my classroom to my students and I believe that this idea from Simon Sinek helps immensely. In his TED talk on The Golden Circle (which you can... Continue Reading →

The teachers are your school

In a short, yet thought-provoking article, George Couros reminds us that it is people that bring missions and visions to life. At UWCSEA, most teachers ascribe to being lifelong learners. We have a great mission, but it’s nothing without the people who can turn it into a reality. Therefore, as a school, we must constantly... Continue Reading →

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